Stair Refacing

Stair Fitter delivers a complete star re-model using the revolutionary NuStair stair refacing system. With NuStair we are able to transform your stairs in just days. The fully customizable overlay system eliminates the need to remove the original stairs. The NuStair treads are installed right over your existing treads. With all cutting done outside, there is very little dust in the home. Design consultation and on-site customization with a full line of stair parts means your stair re-model will be quick, clean, and cost effective.

In just days you can:

Stair refacing, before and after.
  • Beautify your home, upgrade your home, add value to your home – cost effective method – (build value in the service)
  • Simplify your life - say goodbye to cleaning dirty, rumpled and matted carpet, easy option for upgrading new construction, wood stairs are easy to clean and maintain, compare to carpet that traps dirt, dust, stains and odors. Friendly option for people who are sensitive to allergens.

NuStair solid wood treads are Amish American made in the USA with select grade or better wood and premium finishes. Complementing accessories include the patented iron and wood adjustable balusters, as well as the entire line of Ideal Stair Parts.

Our comprehensive product line allows us to provide a stair remodeling solution to nearly every homeowner for a fraction of the cost of rebuilding stairs the “old way”. The overlay system fits right over previously carpeted or worn stairs allowing our teams of professional installers to transform old, damaged stairs into beautiful, solid hardwood staircases in just days. We handle all types of stair configurations.

The one-piece Nosing and Scotia molding on the NuStair treads allows for quick and easy installation with a brilliant architectural finish. The 3/4" thick risers and spacers pad out the space created by the nosing of the existing tread, eliminating the need to remove the nosing from the original treads. Treads and risers are cut to fit on-site ensuring a customized installation.

Stair refacing, before and after.

The only re-facing system with both 3/8” and 5/8” tread thickness options, the NuStair system complies with building codes allowing a maximum variance of .375 inches between the highest and lowest risers on the staircase.

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