Process & Patented Method

Stair Fitter stair installation.

Designed and tested by seasoned stair and flooring experts, the patented NuStair® stair re-facing system eliminates the need to remove the nosing from the original stair treads. This saves time and also saves your home from the sawdust in every corner typically created when cutting the original tread material.

With carpet, staples, and debris removed, the installation process starts at the bottom. Each riser is cut to fit and carefully positioned with spacers to fill the space created by the original nosing. With the first riser installed, the first tread is cut to fit and the nosing covers the original tread material. The process is repeated until complete. Each riser and tread is installed with high performance adhesive which maintains the flex needed for everyday use of hard working stair treads.

Stair Fitter expert installers utilize the appropriate tread material to ensure compliance with local building codes. Each staircase is unique and the dimensions of a staircase are very important to ensure safety and comfort. With multiple tread thickness options available, Stair Fitter installs the correct stair material for your staircase while keeping your home and family safe.

The patented installation method reduces installation time and dust in the home while providing a beautiful, safe, customized staircase.