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What We Do

Stair Fitter is a full service stair and flooring company specializing in solid wood stair overlay. We transform carpeted, worn, or outdated stairs in just days. With endless style and design options, our stair experts aim to make the staircase of your dreams a reality. Our fully customizable products and installation system ensure a quick, clean, and dramatic transformation.

How It Works

We transform your existing stairs quickly and with a perfect fit using the patented NuStairĀ® re-facing method.

Your existing stair treads remain intact with new risers and spacers filling the space below the nosing. Each new tread and riser is cut to fit, then installed directly over the original treads. Our customizable products and tread thickness options ensure that your staircase will remain in compliance with your local building codes. Safe transitions to the flooring above and below the staircase are achieved utilizing various materials exclusive to the NuStairĀ® system.

Stair Diagram - Stair Fitter